We Connect People and Property

We believe in a digital real estate journey.

Why We're Here

We believe in a digital real estate journey.

We want to connect consumers, agents, lenders, and other service providers onto one platform so that everyone has better access to data, greater transparency in the process, and more options and connections to facilitate their transactions.

The current real estate ecosystem is fractured, and we want to bring everyone together. Others are trying to build new silos.

We are here to break down barriers and build bridges that connect everyone together. That’s why we founded Remine.

What We Do

Today, real estate is mostly organized by Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”) across the country.  There are more than 600 MLS and more than 1,300,000 licensed Agents. These agents drive more than 90% of all transactions.

We build products for real estate agents to do a better job and earn your trust and loyalty again. And we deliver this technology via the MLS.

And we also make this platform available to consumers, lenders and other service providers to ensure the best possible transaction.

Ultimately our products creates transparency, inspires trust, so that consumers can do confident real estate transactions.

Who Are We

We are the underdog.

This is the world’s largest asset class, and there is an ancient empire that guards the data and the transactions.

We want to break down the walls, and build bridges. We want to connect people and property, and we won’t stop until we build this platform for everyone.

Our logo carries the image of a gladiator’s helmet as a constant reminder that we are fighting for the people.

Our team stretches the globe on this conquest, tackling old problems with new tactics.

Our Values

We believe in the MLS
Let the Best Ideas Win
Fail Fast
Nothing is Permanent

Where We Are

map of Remine office locations: Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, DC HQ

Where We're Going

People use Remine today to make smarter real estate decisions. We started with the MLS, brokers and real estate agents. Then we added consumers and lenders, and soon to be service providers. But the journey is just beginning.  The entire world, every industry, every person, can benefit from greater transparency into real estate. Making data and options accessible means that everyone can live more confidently. The world’s largest asset class deserves the best technology and one database to power all decisions. Imagine a world with just in time real estate for all your needs. Constant liquidity, accessibility, and access to live your life to the fullest.